Disover content when and where you need it

90% of BrowserStack sellers are less than two years in. That makes finding answers and relevant content for your buyer conversations much harder. Here is how GTM Buddy can help:

Prep for your sales calls with the right customer references

BrowserStack has 20 case studies but 25,000 customers. Are sellers spending too much time finding customer references on Slack channels? How GTM Buddy can help:

Meet your enablement buddy

Divanshu Goyal

He is working hard with all the product marketers at BrowserStack to get you your own Buddies.

See who’s leveling up their revenue teams with GTM Buddy


What DarwinBox says about using GTM Buddy

Why choose GTM Buddy over Highspot

Companies like Sayari Analytics and Lob replaced Highspot with GTM Buddy because of low seller adoption and high admin burden. Highspot kept asking them to go to Spots and Smart Pages while GTM Buddy offers just-in-time enablement.