Highspot vs GTM Buddy

Put your time to better use than setting up Spots or Lists. This comparison page doesn’t have a feature comparison matrix because random ticks and crosses don’t help.

We do have all the things you should know about Highspot and what’s different in GTM Buddy.

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What you should know about Highspot

You will have at least 20 spots to manage if you have more than 50 sellers.

Want recommendations in Salesforce? Build another spot – and manual rules to recommend content.
Spend ages figuring out the correct list structure. Tag each content manually with lists and list groups – global and local.

Any changes to your content will require re-tagging across spots.
When sellers cannot find things, Highspot recommends building “smart” pages that are drag-and-drop web pages.

They look pretty, but sellers rarely use them. What a waste of effort.

All this work, and still, no adoption

Finding relevant content shouldn’t require sellers to switch browser tabs. In most cases, reps don’t even know what to search for.

Highspot will ask you to launch adoption initiatives. But, why should adoption be just your responsibility?

Up for a call?

We will tell you what Highspot won’t. No pitch slapping.

Here to answer your questions about GTM Buddy or Highspot.

No more manual tagging

GTM Buddy understands your business language and auto-indexes your enablement content.

No more searching

GTM Buddy reads emails, deciphers personas, maps CRM fields – and then recommends content contextually.

No more context switching

GTM Buddy recommends content in your rep’s email, calendar, CRM, LinkedIn, and Slack – wherever they work.

No lock-in contracts

Highspot locks you in with multi-year contracts before you’ve seen any value. To close a deal, they build a false sense of urgency with quarter-end discounts.

At GTM Buddy, we put your best interests first. We offer innovative contracts, payments, and pricing terms to ensure that we only win when you do.

Rapid time to value

Highspot takes months to implement – you set up spots, list groups, a Salesforce spot, recommendation rules, and smart pages.

GTM Buddy can go live in 10 days – you just set up your business vocabulary, and it auto-indexes and auto-recommends content in your sellers’ flow of work.

Don’t just take our word for it –
ask these questions to Highspot

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How many spots should we build? How many spots do your customers usually have?

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How long does it typically take to implement Highspot?

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What is the adoption rate for Highspot? How do you define adoption?

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What happens when sellers refuse to adopt Highspot? What is your advice?

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What percentage of your customers are fully utilizing Highspot?

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What needs to change if sellers cannot find the right content in spite of their efforts?

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How flexible are your contracts? Are there any lock-in periods?

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What does the Highspot product roadmap look like for the next 6 months?

Only if you receive helpful answers to these questions from Highspot, it may be worth your while. 

And if not, you should give us a call.