Don’t wait 3-5 months to see results

Most enablement platforms take several months to implement. With GTM Buddy, you'll be up and running in just 10 days. And your reps will see the difference immediately.

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10 Days to revenue enablement

Nope, we’re not kidding. Check out how much work it takes to deploy an old-school sales enablement system – and how little you have to do with GTM Buddy.

Legacy CMS
Determine how you want to organize your content
Create multiple folders for your requirements
Create your tagging structure
Build another set of tags for local folders
Start uploading content to these folders
Tag every piece of content individually
Make content available in multiple folders
Update properties like content descriptions
Design landing pages for different use cases
Build a new folder for Salesforce integrations
Add all the content you want recommended
Create Salesforce-specific tags
Build recommendation rules for Salesforce
Test and review your folders, tags, and recommendation rules
Launch and pray your sellers come to your folders and landing pages
Set up business vocabulary to teach GTM Buddy your business context
Upload all types of content, automatically, through one-click integrations
upload button
Sit back as GTM Buddy tags, indexes, and organizes all your enablement content for you
auto tagging
Configure your business personas for contextual recommendations
Integrate GTM Buddy with CRM, Email, Calendar, Slack, and more (again, in just one click)
Launch and watch as your sellers immediately start using contextual enablement content in their workflow

“But what if I’m already using a CMS?”

You can be on Highspot, Seismic, Showpad, DocSend, Paperflite, or any other CMS – it doesn’t matter. It will only take you two weeks to move to GTM Buddy.

To get started, all you have to do is:

Download your content from your existing CMS
Upload your content to GTM Buddy
(psst – we do this automatically through integrations)
Let GTM Buddy auto-tag and organize everything for you

Did you know?

moved from DocSend to GTM Buddy within 10 working days.

migrated its content from Paperflite to GTM Buddy quickly with the help of our customer success team.

The breakdown

From 0 to launch in just 10 days.

To get started with GTM Buddy, all you need is to answer these 3 questions

Which content O is ready to be shared with sellers?
Where is your enablement content located O ?
Who is responsible O for enablement content?

Got it? Great!
Now let’s get to work

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GTM Buddy is so easy to set up !

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day two

This is so fun – the platform understands our internal lingo

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That’s it? All our content is tagged? Now that’s cool!

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Ooh, we never thought our personas could be used like this

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That was lightning fast – let’s launch!

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You weren’t kidding about the semantic search

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Our sellers are actually using our content

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Ooh, had no idea they’ve been customizing decks like this. Interesting…

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Our 2-minute videos see far more buyer engagement than the PDF decks. We should do more of those.

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Fascinating that our sellers rely so much on these case 3 studies.

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Let’s create new collateral for the seller searches that are showing no results.

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Executive meeting: Here’s how all these content pieces have influenced pipeline and driven revenue.

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Your promotion!

By your side every step of the way

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Getting set up for success

  • We’ll share with you video walkthroughs and step-by-step articles for every stage of your setup.
  • You can reach us anytime through email, phone, chat, or Slack (and a  real human will respond ASAP, too).
  • Help your new team members get up to speed with one-to-one training sessions with our team.

Make best practices your baseline

  • Get best practices from your customer success manager to create maximum value for your sellers ASAP.
  • Join our community of elite sellers and enablers.
  • Learn from the best of the best in sales and revenue enablement.
  • Work with your customer success manager to gain insights about seller and buyer behavior.

Putting the “enablement” in “revenue enablement”

Don’t expect your revenue teams to adapt to your enablement platform. Boost seller adoption with a platform designed for a modern rep's workflow.

1:1 Onboarding

Get one-on-one onboarding from our team for all your new sellers. You will learn how to use GTM Buddy's recommendations in email, calendar, CRM, and LinkedIn to help your buyers.

CRM hygiene

Content recommendations will suffer if your CRM is cluttered. Let our team of experts clean up your CRM and get it ready for contextual recommendations.

Memes and flyers

Promote adoption in your organization with launch flyers and funny memes to create excitement across your organization.

100% Adoption

We help you identify the end users who may need a gentle reminder to use content recommendations. Take advantage of our 1-2 minute personalized videos to help them get acquainted with GTM Buddy.

But don’t take our word for it

Our clients rejected the status quo of sales enablement. They were explorers on a quest for something better. And according to them, they found it in GTM Buddy.

GTM Buddy helps me search and share relevant and important data with my client within minutes after the conversation…I like that all collaterals, information, and relevant data are all kept in one easy-to-use portal.

Sreedhar Peddineni-CEO-Co-Founder-GTM-Buddy
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The best Sales Enablement tool I have used. Easy to use and navigate and great customer support.

Bhuvanesh S
Associate Sales Director, Darwinbox