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Start Selling!

Say goodbye to sales enablement tools that make you search for content. And say hello to GTM Buddy, the only platform that delivers valuable content without context switching or manual searching.

GTM Buddy
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See who’s leveling up their revenue teams with GTM Buddy

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Are you a revenue enabler or a tool admin?

Legacy platforms force enablers to do months of mind-numbing setup tasks just to implement their solutions. And even after all that hard work is done… your revenue teams don’t use it.

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Are you obsessing over content organization, manual tagging, and building pretty landing pages (they do look pretty though, don’t they?)

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Are your sellers going on endless search & discovery missions – browsing through tens of landing pages to (hopefully) find the right content?

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Building rules?

Did your tool make big promises about their AI capabilities? But the truth is, they just run on rule-based recommendations and broken search results.

Don’t waste another minute organizing content and calling it “enablement”

With Go To Market Buddy, reps can build trust quickly - and close deals faster - by finding the right information at the right time. Every single time!

Innovate your sales enablement practices

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10-Day time to value

No more waiting for months to see if you made the right decision. With GTM Buddy’s onboarding program, you’ll be ready to drive greater revenue in just two weeks.

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No more pointless busywork

You don’t have to worry about creating the right tags or folder structures. GTM Buddy’s AI will auto-tag and organize your content for you, using contextual language that’s familiar to your teams.

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End-user adoption

Go To Market Buddy has the highest end-user adoption rates in the industry. That’s because we don’t make your teams search for content. We deliver it straight to them without disturbing their workflow.

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High-value interactions

Today’s buyers have zero patience for content that’s not relevant to them. Our AI engine reads your emails, updates CRM fields, and understands your target personas so that your teams share relevant information – all the time.

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Change the game with industry-first capabilities

Industry-first innovations that level up your revenue enablement

Let AI read and tag your content for you

It's time to say goodbye to manual tags and tag hierarchies. Automate 80% of the manual tagging process with GTM Buddy.

Let AI read and tag your content for you

Eliminate irrelevant search results

Ontology-based semantic search delivers the most relevant sales content based on your organizational context.

Eliminate irrelevant search results

Relevant content = Engaged buyers

GTM Buddy takes into account your rep's opportunity context (job title, industry, sales stage, and competition) and recommends content that moves a deal forward.

Relevant content = engaged buyers

The content your reps need when they need it

Deliver contextual content recommendations in reps' flow of work (email, calendar, CRM, LinkedIn, and Slack) to help them sell better and faster

The content your reps need when they need it

Effectively identify referenceable customers

Impress your prospects by sharing relevant customer references and talk tracks quickly.

Effectively identify referenceable customers

Built with you in mind

The revenue enablement platform that serves your teams’ needs (and your buyers’ needs) across:


Improve deal velocity by sharing contextually relevant content in every email, conversation, and meeting. And wow entire buying teams with your background research and compelling differentiators.

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No more hours wasted organizing and tagging documents. Get back to doing what you do best: help reps create engaging customer experiences so they can close deals faster. It’s a win-win-win for you, your reps, and your buyers.

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Learn how buyers engage with your content. Use the analytics dashboard to see how reps share your content – to find out what types of campaigns and content engage audiences faster.

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Boost your revenue with just-in-time enablement

Experience GTM Buddy in a 30-minute demo with a product specialist. No hard pitching. Just the facts.