Leaky sales funnel?
We can help.

Enable your reps to drive more conversions at each sales stage. Surface AI-powered prescriptive actions where they work, when they need it.


Used and loved at leading SaaS companies around the world

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Tired of losing money to sales funnel leaks?

Traditional models of enabling sales reps aren’t delivering the promised value on sales or enablement.

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Point-in-time training programs take time to build. But, can reps recall them when in the field?

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Traditional content repositories are hard to navigate. Most don’t even include tribal knowledge.

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Sales plays, written as static pages, are not activated in the field when reps work on opportunities.

Help reps on their turf

Our sales success platform integrates with your sales team’s workflow. So, every sales rep is equipped to convert pipeline more effectively.


Activate sales plays in your rep's workflow

Use sales plays at an opportunity level to drive meaningful engagement with the right buyer personas.


Surface content that matters

Help your reps access the most relevant content recommendations for every sales conversation, without needing to search for them.


Enforce learning at every step

Empower your reps with the right trainings and other learning resources at every stage of an opportunity.


Use knowledge that moves the needle

Elevate your sales process with bite-size knowledge, including FAQs, namedrops, competitive intel, and more, in your rep’s workflow.

How GTM Buddy helps your reps execute the perfect sales process

Stage 0


Reps can find all the relevant information related to the account and persona without spending hours on research.

  • Account Research Templates
  • Persona Cards
  • Ask Buddy
Stage 1


Reps leverage AI to prepare for discovery calls with relevant talk track, discovery questions, namedrops, competitive knowledge, and more – from their calendar.

  • Lead Qualification
  • Call Plan
  • CRM Hygiene
Stage 2


Reps get contextual content recommendations such as relevant social proof based on industry, competitive intel and other factors to share with prospects.

  • Digital Sales Rooms
  • Objection Handling
  • Relevant Persona Messaging

Our customers love us


GTM Buddy made it super easy to get sales materials in front of our sellers, have them cite/display them in customer-specific

Aye Maeda
Senior PMM

I love how it generates contextual recommendations and customer references based on the opportunity being pursued.

Peetus Augustine
Sales Enablement Manager

GTM Buddy is a fantastic place for sales collaterals that cuts down time in the sales process.

Annie Johnson
Revenue Enablement Manager