Micro-actions, Big Wins:
Using Sales Plays to Exceed Your Conversion Goals

This is a recorded webinar.


Pete Kazanjy
Co-Founder & CRO, Atrium
Ron Baden
Head of Sales, GTM Buddy
Walter Taboada
Sr. Revenue Architect, Winning By Design
Adam Ferris
VP AMER, Deputy

What's in it for you?

Sellers struggling to meet quota is a common plight across companies. Yet, investments in enablement programs, qualification frameworks, and sales playbooks have failed to deliver the expected outcomes.

In the age of AI, shouldn’t there be a better way to equip your sellers for sales success?

This webinar from Modern Sales Pro is an attempt to find the answer.In this recorded session, you’ll learn:

  • Where deals get stuck in the sales process?
  • How to enhance sales process execution by focusing on micro-actions?
  • What role AI can play in driving sales effectiveness and efficiency?

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