Are your prospects sifting through endless email threads to find what they need?

It's impossible to build strong relationships with multiple stakeholders on a buying team if they're constantly searching for content.

Overwhelmed buyers

Buyers are overwhelmed by multiple emails and have difficulty keeping up with the content they receive.

Reps in the dark

But even when great content is shared, your reps have no way of knowing if it hit the mark – or missed.

So many channels

Plus, reps aren’t just using email – they’re using social media, DMs, and more to stay in touch with buyers.

Help your reps close more deals with digital sales rooms

Boost seller performance

Build trust with prospects through secure and fully branded microsites, even when your sales team works remotely.

Boost seller performance
Shorten sales cycles

Shorten sales cycles

Close deals faster by aligning the buying team and providing them with all the information they need throughout the sales process.

Decode buyers’ reactions

Understand how buyers react to your digital sales room content with powerful engagement analytics – so you’ll know exactly what to say to them next.

Decode buyers’ reactions
Get the right content to the right people at the right time

Get the right content to the right people at the right time

Understand the context of each opportunity in your sales room and automatically share relevant content to support your buyer interactions.

Track engagement over time

Allow customers to easily book meetings with your reps. Easily access notes, call recordings, and action items from each sales meeting.

Track engagement over time

Customer Testimonials

“GTM Buddy is our one-stop shop for content management, meeting prep, competitive intelligence and a lot more. I especially love how it generates contextual recommendations and customer references based on the opportunity/lead being pursued. They were super quick with their implementation, we were able to go live in less than a month.”

Sreedhar Peddineni-CEO-Co-Founder-GTM-Buddy
Peetus Augustine
Sales Enablement Manager
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Content asset creation and distribution are the two sides of enablement and GTM Buddy is helping us on both fronts. Sales assets are more easily accessible to all stakeholders such as the customer success and sales teams. We also get visibility into how these assets are being adopted and what iterations are needed to make them more relevant and effective.

Prateek Kaushik
Product Marketing Manager, MoEngage