Buyers have no patience for unprepared sellers.

Going into a sales meeting and just ‘winging it’ may cost you the deal. Reps must raise their game in order to meet buyers' expectations.

One-and-done trainings

It takes weeks for enablement teams to build certifications and playbooks for new reps. Unfortunately, 70% of the information sales reps learn is forgotten within one week of onboarding.

Social proof used wrong

Most sales reps name-drop the same set of customer references in every sales call. Unrelatable social proof does nothing to build confidence with the buying team, resulting in lower win rates.

Knowledge blindspots

Only top-performing reps go into a call with competitor insights, product updates and FAQs at their fingertips. The rest have to fumble through files and folders, searching for the right information during or after the call.

Stand out from the competition by providing superior value in your sales calls.

Build trust and credibility with buyers with effective meeting prep and increase your chances of closing the deal.

Use the right social proof, every time

Meeting Prep analyzes your opportunity context and then shares applicable social proof based on industry vertical, segment, geography, product offering, incumbent replaced, and more. 

Not enough formal case studies? Showcase relevant customers using the right talking points to convince and influence prospects.

Share the most relevant customer evidence
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Address competitive objections with confidence

Get access to battlecards in your calendar to quickly brush up on competitive strengths, weaknesses, landmines to lay, frequently asked questions, recent wins, and competitive collateral in a single place.

Enable contextual learning

Based on the deal context, Meeting Prep showcases relevant trainings and playbooks to reinforce learning at the right time. Meeting Prep lets you everboard reps by leveling up their skills with continuous training and knowledge retention.

Share the most relevant customer evidence
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Build trust with buyers 

Find the latest product information and answers to FAQs before your call so you can confidently present your solution and handle any buyer objections.  Access one pagers, demo talk tracks, release notes, use case videos, and other collateral to showcase your product effectively.

A game-changer for your sales reps

Get customer references, sales playbooks, battlecards, solution briefs, FAQs, persona intel, and training courses – in the context of the opportunity your reps are pursuing. It would normally take your reps several hours to gather this information, but Meeting Prep provides all this information instantly in their calendar.

Less complexity.
More enablement.
One platform.

Stop using point tools that don't work well together and offer limited functionality for an exorbitant price. Consolidate your enablement tech stack with GTM Buddy.

Understand how buyers engage with your content