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MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform. It empowers marketers and product owners with insights into customer behavior and the ability to act on those insights to engage customers across the web, mobile, email, social, and messaging channels. The platform is trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands such as McAfee, Flipkart, Domino’s, and Nestle.

Unhappy with their team juggling multiple tools for content management, learning management and partner enablement, MoEngage wanted an all-in-one enablement platform the revenue team could leverage actively in their day-to-day tasks. A solution that would encompass their trusted network of technology, consulting and solution partners, as well as resellers. They found the perfect partner in GTM Buddy


GTM BMoEngage was growing at a fast pace. However, the enablement platform they were using slowed their sales reps instead of ‘enabling’ them. Here's how it was hindering their sales team during this crucial growth period:uddy’s sales enablement platform was perfect for MoEngage in solving the above challenges.

  • Difficulty in locating and sharing the right content: The product marketing team spent time and resources to produce best-in-class content assets, but many were left undiscovered and unused. Moreover, reps often inundated the product marketing or enablement team with content inquiries on Slack, eating into their productivity as well.
  • Lack of visibility into content performance: MoEngage’s revenue team wanted to know what assets were being used by their sales reps and, more importantly, how prospects were engaging with the shared content. The limited content performance data they did have was of little use to PMMs in devising their content strategy.

  • Limited ROI: Rep adoption of the platform was low due to its unintuitive UI and sub-optimal content discovery workflow. Moreover, the team found it difficult to show a clear correlation between enablement initiatives and sales performance metrics such as
win rates.
  • Fractured Buying Experience: MoEngage’s sales team had to engage with buying teams with multiple stakeholders on enterprise deals. Ensuring the right information is shared with the right persona at the right time was a challenge. Also, multithreading with a large number of stakeholders was not just  overwhelming for sellers but confusing for buyers.

“GTM Buddy is a fantastic place for sales collaterals that cuts down time in the sales process. Marketing can upload new content directly to GTM Buddy and sales can“Finding the right content at the right time was a big challenge for our sales team. With GTM Buddy, content assets are integrated into the seller's ecosystem, accessible directly from their inbox, calendar, or CRM. This instantly solved our content discovery problem.” immediately begin using it. ”

Suraj Dubey,
Associate Director of Product Marketing


GTM Buddy’s sales enablement platform was perfect for MoEngage in solving the above challenges.

GTM Buddy’s sales enablement platform was perfect for MoEngage in solving the above challenges.

  • Single source of truth (CMS): GTM Buddy became the single source of content for all revenue teams at MoEngage. GTM Buddy seamlessly integrated into the sales reps' workflow, allowing them to find the most relevant content and information directly
in their inbox, calendar, or CRM. There was a drastic drop in instances of sellers
shoulder-tapping peers for content inquiries. The result: more productive and
effective revenue teams.
The image is a diagram featuring GTMBuddy in the center, with two sets of connected items on either side. On the left side, it lists "Sales Enablement," "Product Marketing," "Internal Sales," "Customer Success," and "Partners." On the right side, it lists "Content Management," "Learning Management," "Knowledge Management," "Digital Sales Room," and "Partner Enablement." The background is dark with the text boxes in purple and green.

  • Easy implementation, high adoption: Unlike the heavy-lifting needed with legacy enablement platforms, GTM Buddy was remarkably easy to implement. Thanks to features like auto-tagging, the admin burden was low. A low learning curve ensured quick adoption by the revenue team.
  • Proving the ROI of enablement: Features like AI-driven content recommendations and dedicated digital sales rooms helped the revenue team elevate buyer engagement. Detailed reports on how buyers engaged with content helped connect the dots between enablement and revenue. High-adopter sellers have a significantly higher win rate than low-adopter sellers, high-adopter sellers won 59.11% of their deals, compared to just 28% for low-adopter sellers.

“We were impressed by GTM Buddy's AI capabilities and how seamlessly it integrated with our daily workflow. Moreover, Ask Buddy was available to the entire team without being gated behind a premium subscription, which we greatly appreciated.”

Manohar Nandigam,
Director of Sales Enablement

  • Accelerated sales cycle with a personalized buying experience (DSR): When working on large deals, MoEngage built dedicated and personalized digital sales rooms to bring together buying and selling teams for closer collaboration.  By sharing relevant social proof, competitive insights, and other contextual information in one place, MoEngage’s sales team kept  stakeholders informed and interested throughout the buying journey and helped drive more informed decision-making. Thanks to quick access to the right content at the right time and a clear understanding of how the deal was progressing, deals moved faster.
  • Enabling partners at scale: With GTM Buddy, MoEngage could enable its 1000+ partners with the same content, courses and learning paths as its internal revenue team and track their usage. This ensured all MoEngage customers were exposed to one unified voice and consistent messaging across all touchpoints. Plus, the revenue team had total control on what content could be made available to partners and resellers.
  • Effective onboarding and everboarding (LMS): MoEngage used WorkRamp to onboard new team-members and drive other learning programs. GTM Buddy removed the need to have a separate tool for these use-cases. From enablers designing courses and assigning learning paths to reps using the tool to record pitch videos for reviews, everything could be managed from one tool.

Today, GTM Buddy is a part of the daily workflow of more than 80% of the revenue team. More than 1 million events have been performed on the platform in the last one year, including creation of multiple digital sales rooms to drive deals, use of the AI-powered Ask Buddy, and even partner enablement.

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