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Our customers are amazing. Here are some of their fantastic reviews.

“GTM Buddy is a massive improvement from the enablement platform we had earlier. The platform is surfacing the right recommendations for our reps to use. Whether it is sending an email to a prospect or finding answers to a question using AI, GTM Buddy is changing the way the team operates.”

Ran Haimoff
Head of Sales Strategy

“Decreasing ramp time was a key priority for us this year and the team was able to cut it down by a whopping 50% in such short time. GTM Buddy platform played a key role in helping us reach this milestone.”

Annie Johnson
Revenue Enablement Manager

Both sales efficiency and effectiveness have improved. GTM Buddy’s Digital Sales Rooms are enabling us to share resources with prospects in a dedicated, immersive channel. Insights from buyer engagement data help us understand the buyer's mindset and buying intent, guiding us on how to navigate the opportunity.”

Mark Brooks
Senior VP of Global Sales

“GTM Buddy made it super easy to get sales materials in front of our sellers so they could use them in their sales conversations. The platform could surface relevant information and assets based on search algorithms and content prioritization.”

Aye Maeda
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“We were impressed by GTM Buddy's AI capabilities and how seamlessly it integrated with our daily workflow. Moreover, Ask Buddy was available to the entire team without being gated behind a premium subscription, which we greatly appreciated.”

Manohar Nandigam
Enterprise Sales Executive

“GTM Buddy's just-in-time enablement platform has transformed our revenue team’s performance. I love the Ask Buddy feature, which consolidates our sales knowledge—spanning RFPs, PDFs, presentations, FAQs, competitive battle cards, customer references, persona cards, and more—and delivers it to our reps on-demand, directly within their workflow.”

Samrat Krishna
Head of Product Marketing
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“The end-to-end capabilities of the sales enablement platform are quite good. I found great value in the competitive battle-card feature. Getting contextual recommendations in my workflow, like when I’m emailing a prospect, is quite useful.”

Vignesh Ramanan
Solution Engineering - GTM

“I love GTM Buddy because it allows me to quickly and seamlessly share content with prospects. The AI functions in GTM Buddy are invaluable, assisting in answering questions and providing content specific to those inquiries. Plus, the ability to see the analytics associated with the content I share with prospects gives me invaluable insights into their engagement and interests.”

Riley Urquhart

“GTM Buddy’s dashboard shows us how sales reps, clients, and prospects engage with our content. Seeing the impact of our efforts, helps us understand how to make our content even more effective.”

Andy Kao
Director of Product Marketing

“The reality of sellers is that they live on Zoom Calls. They live in their email. They live on Slack and Calendar. An enablement platform that delivers relevant content into their workflow, when they need it, will be used much more effectively than one that requires you to open a tab and search through a library.”

Caleb Blondet-Fraser
Senior Sales Enablement Manager

“GTM Buddy basically helps solve problem of not having right kind of content to share with Clients at the right time. With the help of GTM buddy, all the necessary Documents, Content, Case studies, everything can be complied in a single platform and then it can be accessed by anyone to share with their potential client.”

Syed Adil

“Thanks to GTM Buddy, we can see more of the content we create being used by sales reps and used in the right context. It also gives us better visibility into how the shared content is being consumed by prospects.”

Harry Chang
Senior Content Marketing Manager

“GTM Buddy is our one-stop shop for the sales team to access the most up-to-date marketing collaterals and track their outreach efforts. Sellers can access content recommendations in their flow of work through GTM Buddy's Outlook integration. We also love how we can collaborate via digital deal rooms.”

Kerry Heilskov
Senior Sales Trainer

“The visibility of our collateral and the ease of discovery greatly improved our content adoption. As a product marketer, nothing makes me happier than seeing assets seldom used being shared with customers.”

Vabesh Garg
Analyst, Strategy & Operations

“GTM Buddy is a centralized spot for all things I need to know such as marketing content, competitive intelligence, and other sales collaterals that I can share with external shareholders. It reduces seller friction and can be the one source of truth.”

Ethan Mackey
Enterprise Account Executive

“GTM Buddy is our one-stop shop for content management, meeting prep, competitive intelligence and a lot more. I especially love how it generates contextual recommendations and customer references based on the opportunity/lead being pursued.”

Peetus Augustine
Sales Enablement Manager

“GTM Buddy has helped optimize our current enablement processes and empowered our revenue teams with context-specific, just-in-time enablement. Plus, we can measure the performance of our sales collaterals much more accurately.”

Ruta Bhatt
Senior Manager, GTM Operations

“GTM Buddy is the single source of truth for our sales team. What I really like is how the platform provides real-time insights on what collaterals are being shared by our sellers and
how customers interact with the
shared content.”

Salil Mishra
Sales Enablement Manager

“GTM Buddy helps me search and share relevant and important data with my client within minutes after the conversation…I like that all collaterals, information, and relevant data are all kept in one easy-to-use portal.”

Prashant Thiruchelvam
Senior Sales Development Representative

“I love using the Digital Sales Rooms - it makes it easy to stay organized with clients as they evaluate Absorb.  No more searching for emails to see where someone sent a document - everything is in one place, and all the meetings are tracked easily as well.”

Milka Randjelovic
Enterprise Sales Executive

“When I used GTM Buddy for the first time, I had a big smile on my face. The feeling of receiving a content recommendation was truly magical. Our sales team receives instant gratification with GTM Buddy.”

Agam Aadhaar Talwar
Regional Sales Director

“Finding content was a challenge with our previous CMS platform. After just one month with GTM Buddy, we've seen a dramatic improvement in content adoption and sharing. Plus, we have started using the content insights provided by the platform to improve our marketing initiatives further.”

Zoë LePage
Director of Marketing Programs

“Adoption of GTM Buddy was easy and natural. Four in five sellers started using the tool in the first 30 days. This gave us rich content performance insights and helped us centralize our activity tracking in our CRM for
better reporting”

Jessica Burke
Senior Revenue Operations Manager
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“GTM Buddy has increased the amount of content our sellers are using, which validates our efforts to create the content to inform and impress buyers, accelerate the sales cycle, and ultimately win more deals.”

Rianna Mistry
Content & SEO Specialist

“Adoption rates have skyrocketed because GTM Buddy makes it so easy for reps to find what they need. Email and calendar add-ons are spot on. The platform is designed around reps' workflows and key use cases.”

Debora Almeida
Content Marketing Manager

“GTM Buddy delivered value for us from day one. The AI-driven technology is incredibly powerful. More importantly, the feedback from our users has been phenomenal so far, with several reaching out to say they'd gotten more value from GTM Buddy in the first hour than they'd gotten in the last year from the legacy enablement platform we were using earlier.”

Gabrielle Scott
Product Marketing & Growth

“Migrating from our previous CMS to GTM Buddy was incredibly smooth and efficient, making the transition seamless for our team. The hands-on support from the Customer Success team was exceptional, guiding us every step of the way and ensuring a flawless migration experience.”

Chris Cavallino
Director of Revenue Enablement

“The contextual search feature on the platform is exceptional. It makes it possible to find and share assets that are specific to a region or workflow without manually tagging them.”

Varun Choraria
Senior Associate, Product Marketing

“In the past, our reps had difficulty finding and sharing the right content. Today, when a salesperson needs information, they use the GTM Buddy extension for Outlook or HubSpot. Over 80% of our global sales team rely on GTM Buddy to find content that matters to their customers.”

Sonal Sharma
Product Marketing Manager

“GTM Buddy has made it remarkably easy to include engaging and relevant resources in all communications involving prospects or current customers.”

Jonathan Brenninkmeyer

“GTM Buddy is a fantastic place for sales collaterals that cuts down time in the sales process. Marketing can upload new content directly to GTM Buddy and sales can immediately begin using it.”

Austin Merrill
Global Growth & Development Manager

Content Management, Analytics and Reporting, Customizable Workflows -- these are the aspects that are best about GTMBuddy when compared with other enablement tools that we have evaluated. Added to these features, the advocacy related to best pracitices that can be implmented, process improvement etc were well handled by their Implementation and Customer Success team.

Harsha M
Solution Strategist
Drive sales success with one platform
Learn how reps can convert pipeline more effectively.
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“GTM Buddy basically helps solve problem of not having right kind of content to share with Clients at the right time. With the help of GTM buddy, all the necessary Documents, Content, Case studies, everything can be complied in a single platform and then it can be accessed by anyone to share with their potential client.”

Jaisingh Thakur
Sr. Recruitment Solution Consultant

“While the platform itself is incredible and our reps love it, what I like more is the flexibility shown by GTM Buddy to implement fixes and fulfil feature  requests, not just provide workarounds.”

Grace Chen
Director of Content & Brand

“Finding the right content at the right time was a big challenge for our sales team. With GTM Buddy, content assets are integrated into the seller's ecosystem, accessible directly from their inbox, calendar, or CRM. This instantly solved our content discovery problem.”

Suraj Dubey
Associate Director of Product Marketing

“Before GTM Buddy, I found our collateral scattered across SharePoint, OneDrive, email, and WhatsApp messages. When I needed something, I literally had to search everywhere.”

Evelyn Tan
Associate Sales Director