The biggest thing holding your reps back is their lack of self-assurance.

Reps turn into confident sellers when they feel supported. And while legacy sales enablement platforms help with onboarding, they don’t actually support your reps in their flow of work when they get stuck.

Disconnected systems

Your LMS and CMS don’t talk to each other, meaning reps fail to connect the dots and close deals

Forgetful reps

Sales training programs can help – but reps forget 70% of what they’ve learned within a week of joining the front line

So much to remember

Plus, reps often feel overwhelmed by everything they have to remember before, during, and after a sale

Finally, an LMS with sales readiness built-in

Accelerate rep time to proficiency

Interactive courses, lessons, and quizzes help your reps sharpen their skills during onboarding. So they can learn more quickly about your solutions, the competitive landscape, and how to sell it.

Accelerate rep time to proficiency
Personalize content based on rep profiles

Personalize content based on rep profiles

Don’t force every rep to go through the same sales training programs and materials. Develop each rep's skills and knowledge by assigning them specific learning tracks.

Enable contextual learning

Put an end to one-and-done sales training by everboarding reps through contextual learning that happens in their flow of work – whether they’re working in their email, CRM, LinkedIn, and more.

Enable contextual learning

Maximize every piece of enablement content

Repurpose your sales enablement content into multiple sales training courses, delivered as bite-sized updates that give reps an instant confidence boost.

Maximize every piece of enablement content

Deliver in-the-moment sales coaching

Ensure your reps understand how to use specific content with coaching notes – such as when handling objections, standing out from the competition, or showcasing customer success stories.

Deliver in-the-moment coaching

Customer Testimonials

“GTM Buddy is our one-stop shop for content management, meeting prep, competitive intelligence and a lot more. I especially love how it generates contextual recommendations and customer references based on the opportunity/lead being pursued. They were super quick with their implementation, we were able to go live in less than a month.”

Sreedhar Peddineni-CEO-Co-Founder-GTM-Buddy
Peetus Augustine
Sales Enablement Manager
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According to our adoption metrics, 90% of our salespeople actively use GTM Buddy. This is not surprising since the platform provides easy access to all the information they need. The Outlook plug-in and contextual content recommendations have revolutionized the way our reps work.

Sonal Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Darwinbox