When it comes to legacy platforms what you see isn’t what you get

Legacy sales enablement platforms sound helpful. But in reality?
Your revenue enablers waste precious time on:


Having to deal with endless folders, subfolders, and sub-sub-sub folders


Crossing their fingers and guessing their way through tag taxonomies

Landing pages

Building out pretty landing pages (that no one actually looks at)

Help your reps serve the right content to the right persona every single time

Spin up your content library in a few hours (not 3-5 months)

Easily import your existing sales collateral into GTM Buddy (Go To Market Buddy) by connecting your content authoring platforms.

Learn more about our content integrations here.

Spin up your content library in a few hours (not 3-5 months)
Industry First

Enhance your team's knowledge

Build a knowledge repository for your revenue teams that extends beyond static slide decks and white papers.

Industry First

Let AI auto-tag content for you

Never manually tag another piece of content. Ever.

GTM Buddy’s contextual AI automatically tags your content based on your unique business language – AKA ontology.

window showing blog post with custom tags auto-generated by AI
WIndow showing neatly structured product information with titles and descriptive text about Hooli

Organize content based on how your teams work

With GTM Buddy's context-sensitive page builder, your reps and sellers can easily access information - and absorb it.

Collaborate with ease

Educate your revenue teams on the latest content with contextual coaching notes. Register new content requests from your reps and collect feedback on existing content.

windows showing coaching notes with automatically generated tags and input fields

Customer Testimonials

“GTM Buddy is our one-stop shop for content management, meeting prep, competitive intelligence and a lot more. I especially love how it generates contextual recommendations and customer references based on the opportunity/lead being pursued. They were super quick with their implementation, we were able to go live in less than a month.”

Sreedhar Peddineni-CEO-Co-Founder-GTM-Buddy
Peetus Augustine
Sales Enablement Manager
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The contextual search feature on the platform is exceptional. It is possible to automatically optimize assets that are specific to a region or workflow without manually tagging them.

Varun Choraria
Senior Associate, Product Marketing, Vymo