Spekit vs
GTM Buddy

In the words of their customers, a Spekit search fetches results from all your resources. But, is that enough to enable sales teams with the right content?

We are here to offer an unbiased perspective on what enablement will look like with Spekit.

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Spekit is an excellent addition to your sales tech stack IF...

If you’re solving for in-app guidance and some cute quizzes
If you want the same basic search but zero discovery

Spekit removes context switching — but is that the complete enablement picture?

Being able to search from anywhere is only half the story. Lack of content discovery puts the onus of finding the right content on your revenue teams.

  • What about stuff your teams don’t know to search for?
  • How about the context of your prospect’s persona, industry, segment, deal stage, and more?
  • Does it have the advanced content organizational capabilities of a CMS?

Getting Spekit up and running is a heavy lift

You're willing to spend a lot of time building Speks, Flows, and Wikis – and then maintaining them. But don’t take our word for it – here are some excerpts from G2 reviews.

“Our experience with implementation was nowhere as easy as we thought it would be”

G2 review

“Customizable content, but we don't have the capacity for someone to always manage that”

G2 review

“Spek and links creation process is 100% manual, which can be quite a heavy lift at the beginning.”

G2 review

“Be sure you have the time to get Spekit set up before you roll it out!”

G2 review

“It’s all entirely what you into put it is what you will get out of it”

G2 video review

“Needs a robust and updated knowledge base”

G2 review

Why choose GTM Buddy over Spekit

No more pointless searching

GTM Buddy reads emails, deciphers personas, and maps CRM fields – and then recommends content contextually in your team’s flow of work. Instead of figuring out what content is available, reps can simply type their opportunity name and discover the most useful information in one place.

No heavy lifting for you

You won’t have to spend your time building Speks and Wikis. GTM Buddy auto-processes your documents, web content, videos, G2 reviews, persona cards, and more without manual tags. Go live in just 2 weeks (not months).

Get an actual CMS and so much more

Spekit expects you to buy a separate CMS for content organization. GTM Buddy is a full-fledged revenue enablement platform that can activate documents, knowledge, social proof, customer information, competitive battlecards, and so much more.

Up for a call? We will tell you what Spekit won’t. No pitch slapping.
Here to answer your questions about GTM Buddy or Spekit.