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Content Discovery Made Easy

Using GTM Buddy's semantic search capabilities, you can locate content in your Slack conversations and channels. You can use the /buddy command to find the most relevant content (for example, /buddy healthcare case study) you need to win a deal.

Track Buyer Engagement

Sellers can receive notifications of prospect engagement activity, such as email opens and content engagement. You'll also receive notifications when your teammates mention or comment on your posts. Admins will be notified when users provide feedback and ratings.

Receive Useful Notifications

Slack Integration Instructions

GTM Buddy's Slack integration can only be enabled by admins. Here are the steps to enable Slack integration for your team:
In the GTM Buddy web app, click on the gear icon in the navigation sidebar to access Organization Settings.
Go to ‘Integrations‘ and enable Slack.
Find and select the enablement channel that was configured during onboarding on the Permissions page.
Once you have completed the steps, click on ‘Allow‘ to enable the integration.
GTM Buddy‘ is now available in the Apps section of Slack.
Here, sellers are notified of prospect engagement. Engagement includes email opens, content engagement, @mentions, and activity on the posts they create.
In the channels section, you’ll find the ‘Sales Enablement‘ channel you selected while configuring the integration. Select ‘@GTM Buddy‘ to enable the channel.
Users will receive notifications here about content feedback, requests, and other suggestions posted on the Forum. Within Slack, users can quickly set assignees, statuses, and categories.


To use GTM Buddy’s integration for Slack, you will need to subscribe to the following GTM Buddy software subscription plan:


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