Don’t Settle for Showpad.

Don’t waste months standing up a sales enablement solution that is not only slow and buggy but also delivers terrible search results.

Why spend weeks setting up tags, folders, and experiences only to see your sellers struggling to find content?

You end up with complex recommendation rules (if-this-then-show-that) that simply match content with tags.

Supercharge your sales productivity with GTM Buddy’s just-in-time enablement. See real adoption and value in days not weeks

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5 Reasons GTM Buddy Is The Best
Showpad Alternative


Stop Sending Your Reps on
Search and Discovery Missions

Showpad expects your reps to "search for" and "discover" content buried in your library. This "Search & Discover" motion assumes:

GTM Buddy understands your business language and auto-indexes your enablement content.

  • Reps want to search (they don’t)
  • Reps know what they’re searching for (they don’t)
  • Enablers have the time to manage tags, folders, and experiences (they don’t)
  • Enablers have the time to build recommendation rules (they don’t)
  • Static rules can capture real-world complexities (they won’t)
  • Enablers build convoluted rules and hope they work (not really)

Showpad’s search results just don’t deliver. Multiple customer reviews have made this point over and over again.

Hope is not a strategy. Adopt an enablement tool that:

  • Delivers the right content to your sellers within their flow of work.

Stay Away from Tool Administration

Don't waste time and money hiring Showpad admins who will work on mindless tasks such as:

GTM Buddy understands your business language and auto-indexes your enablement content.

  • Manually tag content
  • Maintain tags, folders, and experiences
  • Set up recommendation rules that depend on multiple if-else statements

What do your sellers get from all this effort? A slow and buggy product. Awful search results. Useless content recommendations.

All this leads to Zero Content Discovery. You'll be hard-pressed to find Showpad delivering content recommendations that will help your reps sell better and faster.

Roll out an enablement solution that helps your sellers close more deals faster. Save time and effort by:

  • Not having to worry about content management and administration.

Say Goodbye to Unwieldy CRM Integrations

Showpad built its Salesforce integration years after their launch. Their CRM integration assumes that:

  • Reps will share content using Salesforce (they don’t)
  • Data in the CRM is clean and regularly updated (that's not usually the case)
  • Enablers have the time to re-organize content in Salesforce (they don’t)
  • Enablers enjoy building Experiences. They also have the time to create and maintain recommendation rules (yeah, right!)

Don't force your sellers to jump through hoops to share content. Work with an enablement tool that:

  • Integrates deeply with Salesforce (and Hubspot) and makes updating opportunities a breeze.

Don't Create or Update Content Discovery Rules

You will need to build static rules if you want Showpad to find relevant content in your sales library.

  • Enablers love building complex rules for content recommendations (you must be kidding me)
  • Mapping CRM fields to Showpad’s tags doesn’t capture relevant context for useful content recommendations (Remind me again, why are we doing this?)

Say goodbye to rules and say hello to just-in-time recommendations. Work with an enablement tool that:

  • Uses contextual AI to recommend relevant content for specific sales scenarios.

Don't Expect Your Sales Team to Learn Another Tool

Your sales team is already struggling with too many tools. Think carefully before adding a new tool to your sales tech stack:

  • Reps aren't exactly jumping at the opportunity to learn a new tool.
  • Basic content discovery and content sharing with Showpad can be a chore for even your seasoned reps.

Showpad has acquired a bunch of different tools. Unfortunately, these duct-taped tools don’t play well with each other.

Put an end to context switching. Select an enablement tool that lets:

  • Sellers share relevant content and receive real-time notifications on buyer engagement.

Enter the World of Awesome!

Choose the best Showpad alternative for sales enablement.