G2’s Spring 2022 grid reports highlights why GTM Buddy is here to stay

Sundar Velliachamy
October 6, 2022
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We’re delighted to announce that GTM Buddy is part of the G2 Spring 2022 reports for Mid-Market Grid® for Sales Enablement Software and Grid® for Sales Enablement Software. G2’s quarterly grid ranks vendors using a combination of their Satisfaction ratings and Market Presence scores.

In two years of founding, it is heartening to see customers buy into our vision for just-in-time sales enablement. We’ve made it easy for hundreds of sales reps to discover relevant information by matching content to the business, opportunity, persona, and engagement context.

Our users have rated us either 4.5 or 5 stars. 100% of our reviewers believe we are moving in the right direction and 100% of them love our quality of support.

The Journey So Far

The sales enablement tools category is a decade young.

The first generation of sales enablement tools started by building a better version of Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint. They were able to crack the code on storing and retrieving different types of sales collateral.

However, sales enablement content is not about organizing and storing information. It is about helping reps establish credible buyer relationships with engaging content.

When we started GTM Buddy, we were clear about building a different type of sales enablement solution. Here are two guiding principles that we’ve kept in mind while working on Go To Market Buddy:

  1. Reduce manual toil for enablers and marketers. Deploying a sales enablement tool shouldn’t involve weeks of effort. Current enablement tools require administrators to organize their sales content in folders. Admins then spend time mapping content to existing tags in their library. They also have to build elaborate rules so that content recommendations show up in their seller’s flow of work.
  2. Drive seller adoption and customer responsiveness. Sellers have no interest in searching for and discovering information in a content repository. Reps would prefer to find and share the most relevant content without having to leave their email, calendar, or CRM.

Delivering content in a rep’s flow of work avoids context switching and helps them find the most relevant content in no time. Reps can also respond quickly to their prospect’s questions with useful information.

Why Customer Reviews Matter

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace globally. More than 60 million people annually use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.

Recognition in the G2 grid reports is critical for us since it considers the feedback and testimonials of actual customers. Check out what some of our customers have to say about GTM Buddy:

GTM Buddy allows our small but mighty product marketing team to scale sales enablement across distributed revenue teams. We can track which content reps are using during the sales cycle – this also lets us highlight great content that sellers are not sharing with their prospects.”


Product Marketing Associate

Even though I’ve used Showpad and other sales enablement tools in the past, I find GTM Buddy much more effective because it integrates with a seller’s workflow…We love that GTM Buddy content is always available to sellers, no matter where they are – whether it’s in email, CRM, or a social network like LinkedIn.”


Sales Enablement Specialist

I like how GTM Buddy seamlessly integrates with various platforms and makes it possible to access and share content from Gmail, Salesforce, and LinkedIn! I no longer have to use Slack or ping my colleagues to find the content I need. Everything is organized in one place and its recommendations enable me to gather all of the necessary information before my meetings.”


Account Executive

Our sellers are better prepared for meetings by reviewing relevant content based on the opportunity stage, buyer persona, industry, and competitors involved. Finally, sellers can focus their time and effort on closing deals by accessing information when they need it and saving time by not building new content.”


Executive Sponsor

Sharing content has never been easier. It provides accurate recommendations and more importantly, it explains why a certain document is recommended…Their integration with Slack is fantastic – I am instantly notified when a prospect opens an email/interacts with content.”


User in Information Technology and Services

Curious about GTM Buddy’s just-in-time approach to sales enablement? Schedule a demo and see how you can sell better and faster with GTM Buddy.

About the author


Sundar Velliachamy

Sundar is a co-founder of GTM Buddy where he leads the product management and customer success teams. Before joining GTM Buddy, he co-founded Clove and worked in product teams at Gainsight, Salesforce, and CA Technologies.

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