Boost your sales enablement with home pages, team adoption, and content performance

Nayan Kumar
October 15, 2022
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The goal of sales enablement and product marketing teams is to drive revenue growth with improved seller effectiveness.

Our new product capabilities (Home Pages, Team Adoption, and Content Performance) help enablers and marketers better understand how their reps use content in different deals. These teams can then create new content (or update existing content) to help reps build meaningful customer relationships.

Our latest product innovations help reps access the right content at the right time. This allows reps to address customer needs as quickly as possible. Here’s what you need to know about our recent updates:

Home Pages: Quickly Find The Information You Need

Home Pages let reps find the most relevant information when they log into GTM Buddy. This is what sellers can see on their personalized home page:

  1. My Stats. You can stay on top of all the emails you’ve sent, the content you’ve shared, and the engagement your content has received.
  2. Shared By Me. Keep track of all the content you’ve shared with prospects.
  3. Live Feed. You’ll be able to see how prospects interact with your content (opens, views, and shares).
  4. Content. With a few clicks, you can access your entire sales library.
  5. New Customers. Check out the recent customers your company has acquired.
  6. Announcements. You will find the latest organizational updates here.
  7. Recently Published/Updated. Access all the amazing content your marketing and sales enablement teams have created.

Team Adoption: See How Reps Use Your Content

You can track how your sales team is sharing content with the Team Adoption dashboard. You can also filter shares by a specific team, such as sales, customer success, and marketing. You can find out which channels (email, web, and LinkedIn) are most popular for sharing content.

You’ll be able to drill down into content shares and custom content created by each rep. You can also check buyer engagement stats such as views and downloads. Finally, you can export this information for further analysis.

Content Performance: Measure Your Content ROI

Opportunities Influenced Dashboard

Through the Opportunities Influenced Dashboard, product marketing teams can understand the effectiveness of their content assets. As a result, marketers can track content performance across different sales stages and opportunities.

You will gain a better understanding of:

  1. Opportunity-Specific Content. You can see what type of content is being shared in a winning deal. You can observe how buyers engage with your content and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Stage-Specific Content. You can view the collateral that was most frequently used during a specific sales stage. You can then update this content regularly.
  3. Custom Content. You will notice the content your reps create for different opportunities. By taking what your reps have built, improving it, and sharing it with the rest of the team, you can drive better results.
  4. Winning Content. You can view content assets used in Closed-Won deals.  You will also observe content assets not used in Closed-Lost or No-Decision opportunities. Putting winning content to work can help your sales reps close more deals.
  5. Content Usage. You can track how different content assets are being used by your sales team. Additionally, you can send out announcements to raise awareness and encourage reps to use existing sales collateral.

Buyer Engagement and Internal Engagement

With the Buyer Engagement dashboard, you can see how prospects interact with your content. You can access views, re-shares, and downloads for each piece of content. These insights can help you create content that is more relevant to your audience.

The Internal Engagement Dashboard gives you a clear picture of how reps are using your sales content. You can view shares, views, and downloads for each collateral. Analyze which content is most popular with reps and prioritize it for regular updates.

Remove content that isn’t being used by reps and alert them to content that can help them close a deal.

If you would like to start using these GTM Buddy capabilities, please reach out to your customer success (CS) team. We will help you to take advantage of these product innovations right away. If you are planning to invest in a sales enablement solution, book a demo with our product experts today!

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