What’s Stopping Your Sales Enablement? Take A Look At This Infographic.

Aditya JhalaniAditya Jhalani

What’s Stopping Your Sales Enablement? Take A Look At This Infographic.

Here’s Why Your
Sales Enablement Is Not Delivering 

The Results You Want

Multiple Interactions, Many Stakeholders

21 buying interactions happen during the B2B buying process on average

60% of B2B purchases happen with four or more people involved

Source: 2021 B2B Buying Study by Forrester

Scattered Sales Assets

of enablers agree that sales assets live
in multiple locations

Source: 2019 Sales Enablement Study by Forrester

Sellers Struggle to Find Relevant Content

Where is the SaaS case study?

Do we have a help article about this?

Hey, I have a call coming up with the prospect.
Can someone help me?

Where is that new datasheet?

Reps spend more than 5 hours
per week creating or modifying content

7 out of 10 sellers use
less than 50% of sales collateral

65% of B2B buyers say reps
provide too much material

69% of B2B buyers say much of the
material shared is irrelevant

Source: 2019 Content Credibility Study by Forrester
Source: 2020 Global Sales Enablement Survey by Forrester

Limited Adoption of Sales Content Libraries

It was like dental work creating 13 layers [of folders]. We spent weeks building landing pages and our reps never even looked at them.”

Sales Enablement Manager,
Midsize Company

Sellers can’t find the content they need when they need it

Enablers have no time to organize content in folders and then tag their content

Sellers Love Just-in-time Enablement

GTM Buddy offers context-based recommendations across email, calendar, and CRM. Imagine the client delight when you send it out then and there!”

Agam Aadhaar Talwar,
Regional Sales Director,

Recommend relevant content in your seller’s flow of work

Automatically index and tag your content without any rules

Say No to Search and Discovery Missions

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Aditya Jhalani


Aditya Jhalani

Aditya is a jack-of-all trades marketer at GTM Buddy. Aditya also worked at two agencies, Hire Digital and The Smarketers, where he managed inbound, outbound, and ABM strategies for B2B clients.