Embrace just-in-time sales enablement with announcements, coaching notes, and G2 integration

Nayan Kumar
October 5, 2022
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At GTM Buddy, we’re obsessed with building a sales enablement solution that frontline reps love to use. Here are three new product capabilities (Announcements, Coaching Notes, and G2 Integration) that will arm your sellers with the right information at the right time.

These new features will help reps better use sales content, build credibility with customer reviews, and stay informed of your latest updates.

Announcements: Share the latest and greatest Content with Reps

Every time you create a new piece of content, you want reps to know right away. Instead of writing an email to your sales teams, you can share Announcements from GTM Buddy. Your reps will receive an email notification and can start using your new collateral in their opportunities.

Coaching Notes: Enable Content Adoption with Just-in-Time Training

You spend so much time and effort creating sales collateral. You want sellers to make optimal use of your content. Despite your onboarding sessions, most reps will not be able to remember when to use a document.

It is time to embrace a different approach. Put an end to one-and-done training and focus on everboarding reps with Coaching Notes.

Coaching Notes help sellers confidently use sales content while interacting with buyers. Think of Coaching Notes like your speaker notes in a presentation.

You will be able to deliver more context about specific content in a Coaching Note. You can add details on when to use this content, relay talking points, FAQs, pricing information, and more in text or video format.

G2 Integration: Unlock the Power of Customer Love

Every opportunity can use a nudge from a relevant customer testimonial. You might have a great review that addresses specific concerns your prospect has raised.

Most of your reps have limited awareness of your customer testimonials. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your sales enablement tool could recommend relevant G2 reviews in your seller’s workflow?

You can get started with a simple one-click G2 integration. GTM Buddy will automatically index, tag, and add customer reviews. Your sales reps will then see contextually relevant reviews during their buyer interactions.

If you would like to start using these GTM Buddy capabilities, please reach out to your customer success (CS) team. We will help you to take advantage of these product innovations right away. If you are planning to invest in a sales enablement solution, book a demo with our product experts today!

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