AI and sales enablement: Getting under the hood of just-in-time enablement

Chandramani Tiwary
October 4, 2022
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Smarter selling with sales enablement AI

Sales context is multidimensional and revenue teams need multilayered intelligence to gain credibility with their buyers. Sales enablement AI can help here. GTM Buddy’s just-in-time enablement platform is powered by multilayered intelligence so that buyers have the most accurate information about their products, competitive differentiators, and value proposition.

Smarter Selling with Sales IQ

GTM Buddy’s language model has been trained to understand important sales concepts such as pricing, return on investment, time to value, and budgeting. Here is how Go To Market Buddy understands business jargon such as:

  • Return on Investment. A buyer might email a rep about how they are struggling to sell the value of their product internally. GTM Buddy understands the context around this objection and offers relevant content justifying the return on investment (ROI) from the content library.
  • Information Security. You can pre-configure GTM Buddy to understand information security terms such as single sign-on, security certifications, and datacenter locations. Sellers can then use this information to address buyer concerns around security during the later phase of the sales cycle.

Gaining organizational context with business vocabulary

B2B sales is a knowledge-intensive profession. Depending on the industry and product they are selling, reps can employ different sales playbooks, use tailored content, and negotiate with a specific set of terms and conditions.

As a first step, any sales enablement AI platform needs to grasp this organizational context. Business Vocabulary provides a quick and effortless way for GTM Buddy’s intelligence layer to gain clear context around a business. With a few clicks, enablers can tell GTM Buddy the product(s) they sell, the use cases they solve, their competitors, referenceable customers, industries and geographies they operate in, and the buyer personas they engage with. Business vocabulary lets GTM Buddy provide contextually relevant information to sellers in the tools they work with.

1. Understanding content context with content intelligence

GTM Buddy analyzes and auto indexes your content so that it is easily discoverable for buyers. Enablers no longer have to worry about configuring the taxonomy or manually tagging hundreds of pieces of content.

GTM Buddy can understand what a particular piece of content is about by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and business vocabulary:

  • Is this a case study, a competitive battle card, or product collateral?
  • Which competitor is this content talking about?
  • What type of customer might find this content relevant?
  • Is this content talking about return on investment (ROI) or pricing options?
  • What sales stage is this content important?

2. Building persona context with persona intelligence

Successful B2B selling is about engaging and persuading different buyer personas. GTM Buddy understands the personas involved in a deal, figures out which content is relevant for them, and then makes useful content recommendations. The process flow for gaining persona insights is based on:

  • CRM Contact → Job Title → Understand Persona → Recommend Content

3. Understanding deals with opportunity intelligence

CRM Integration

The CRM system is the central information repository for revenue teams. The CRM captures information on the account, the products being sold, use cases, competition, and related notes on the opportunity. The CRM can help answer these questions around an opportunity:

  • What was discussed in the initial discovery call?
  • What products are being sold?
  • Who are we competing against?
  • What use cases are critical for our prospects?
  • Which industry and region does the account belong to?

GTM Buddy’s intelligence layer integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot. GTM Buddy can then understand the semantics of each account and their related contact objects. GTM Buddy reads different CRM fields to recommend relevant content for building buyer credibility and addressing specific objections.

4. Know your customers with customer intelligence

Referencing relevant customers is critical to closing deals. The notion of customer similarity can vary from one organization to another. GTM Buddy understands which customers are related based on business context and recommends the right customers that can be referenced in an opportunity.

5. Understanding buyer engagement

Most of the context about an opportunity is based on buyer engagement. Critical seller context includes metrics around email and content engagement, product use cases, objections handled, competitors mentioned, and personas engaged.

These different dimensions provide GTM Buddy’s intelligence layer with 360-degree context for relevant and just-in-time content recommendations.

Contextual AI for Sellers

Just-in-time sales enablement depends on a rep’s intent and workflow. Recommendations made by the sales enablement AI platform should be contextually relevant to what a seller is working on.

1. Smart snippets

Drafting an Email. GTM Buddy shares the most appropriate content by considering the opportunity and account fields, opportunity notes, job title, sales stage, close date, and content attributes.

Responding to Buyer Questions. GTM Buddy uses NLP techniques to identify and classify buyer queries, objections, and information requests, which are then used to recommend relevant content.

Figure 1 – Surface the most relevant content in your inbox with smart snippets.

2. Meeting prep

Sellers need to be well prepared before a prospect meeting. Meeting prep should factor in the type of organization, buyer persona(s), product requirements, and objective of the meeting.

Meeting prep recommendations showcase customer case studies that are pertinent to an opportunity. It also delivers relevant content for attendees joining a meeting by reviewing the organizational details, meeting description, job titles, and the opportunity stage.

Meeting Prep
Figure 2 – Deliver contextual recommendations within a seller’s calendar using meeting prep.

3. Semantic content search

Your sellers shouldn’t have to frantically search for information. If they choose to do so, GTM Buddy’s intelligence layer is here to help.

Let us take a scenario where a seller requires a case study about product implementations for manufacturing customers. In traditional sales enablement tools, reps will need to know exactly what they are looking for (such as the customer name or document name).

With GTM Buddy, sellers can type `ERP customer evidence for manufacturing’ and locate the correct document without having to worry about the name of the file.

Our semantic search analyzes each seller query and understands that:

  • Customer Evidence → Case Study
  • Manufacturing → Industry
  • ERP → Product

Contextual Search
Figure 3 – Locate the right content at the right time using semantic content search

Contextual AI for Enablers

1. Say goodbye to tags & tag taxonomies

In the era of sales enablement AI, enablers no longer have to waste their time and effort setting up hierarchical tagging taxonomies. All enablers need is to configure common business entities such as products, competitors, industries served, and customers in GTM Buddy.

Figure 4 – Use Business Vocabulary to add context-specific information to your organization such as details about products, competition, and sales stages.

2. Avoid manual tagging with auto indexing

Most sales enablement tools require enablers to read each piece of content and manually tag them. GTM Buddy’s intelligence layer analyzes each piece of content by looking at the business vocabulary and then auto-indexing the content.

Any updates to the business vocabulary can be automatically applied to existing content. Moreover, new content is automatically indexed when it is uploaded.

Figure 5 – GTM Buddy’s AI engine auto-indexes your content repository and tags your content on its own.


GTM Buddy’s multilayered intelligence brings true just-in-time enablement for revenue teams. Enablers and marketers can focus on actual seller enablement by using GTM Buddy’s business vocabulary, content intelligence, and auto-indexing. Thanks to sales enablement AI, sellers can access contextually relevant recommendations in their workflow and drive effective sales conversations with their buyers.

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Chandramani Tiwary

Chandramani Tiwary is a co-founder of GTM Buddy, where he leads the AI efforts for building a just-in-time sales enablement platform. Before joining GTM Buddy, he was head of Data Science at Zomato and a founding member of the Data Science Team at Gainsight.

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