Traditional sales enablement platforms do not provide reps with persona insights when needed

Gartner finds that B2B buying decisions involve at least 11 people. For complex purchases, this number can reach 20 different individuals. In order to land a deal, reps must manage conflicting priorities and ensure stakeholder alignment across the buying team.

Lost and forgotten

Initial onboarding provides reps with an understanding of buyer personas.

However, most reps have trouble remembering and recalling this information while working on a deal.

Ignoring the seller’s workflow

Although organizations spend a lot of time and energy creating buyer personas, many of these resources are buried in documents.

As a result, reps have difficulty applying buyer insights during the sales process.

Messaging misfires

Traditional enablement platforms do not automatically map your sales content to specific personas.

For this reason, reps share generic information that does not explain how the solution fits into the buyer's life.

Make persona intelligence actionable with GTM Buddy

Reps who implement a multithreaded engagement strategy will drive revenue growth 50% higher than their competitors.

Reps can use GTM Buddy to discover persona-specific information in their inbox or calendar. Using this knowledge, they can establish trust and credibility with their extended buying teams.

Know your buyer

You can make persona intelligence actionable by building (or uploading) persona pages. For each buyer profile, you can include information on goals, challenges, elevator pitches, and questions to ask.

GTM Buddy understands the organizational context of hundreds of thousands of job titles in order to assign specific personas to them.

For each profile, GTM Buddy recommends the most compelling information such as persona cards, playbooks, thought leadership articles, case studies, and frequently asked questions.

Give your reps the competitive insights they need when they need it
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Share only what’s relevant

Spray-and-pray tactics no longer work. Stop overloading buying teams with irrelevant information.

GTM Buddy provides contextually appropriate recommendations based on the buyer personas and deal context.

Personalize your outreach

With GTM Buddy, reps can access buyer persona information, such as their goals, pain points, and how you help, in their flow of work.

So, reps know exactly what to say in order to gain the buying team’s trust and credibility.

Give your reps the competitive insights they need when they need it

Persona-based selling was never this easy

You can build or upload persona profiles relevant to your sales motion, such as DevOps lead or CTO.

GTM Buddy auto-indexes content relevant to each  persona. All new contacts are auto-resolved into your pre-defined personas.

GTM Buddy delivers persona-specific insights and content recommendations in your rep’s calendar and inbox.