e4enable and GTM Buddy integrate to drive sales success

The integration of e4enable and GTM Buddy offers organizations an ideal solution to identify team skills gaps, enhance performance through timely, relevant content delivery, and measure outcomes effectively.

GTM Buddy, the just-in-time revenue enablement platform, has launched its integration with a leading revenue competency intelligence platform, e4enable.

Enablement initiatives don’t see the rep adoption they deserve, and the function itself is in an identity crisis with undefined outcomes. The integration of these two solutions ensures that each rep’s specific needs are met where they operate the most. 

While GTM Buddy facilitates adoption by delivering context-relevant information in the rep’s flow of work, e4enable uses data to identify individual competency gaps and maps reps’ skills, behaviors, and knowledge to strategic business objectives, making it easy for enablers to measure their impact on team performance and revenue.

Commenting on the integration, e4enable co-founder and CEO Kate Lewis said, "There is plenty of data and tools in the sales world, but they are often not harnessed to make informed decisions or connected in an intelligent way to drive revenue impact. This integration provides organizations with the best solution to understand the skills gaps in a team and help elevate their performance by delivering relevant content at the right time and place and measuring the results.”

“Integrating GTM Buddy with e4enable offers a comprehensive view of what drives revenue. Enablers can use this newfound visibility to tailor the enablement programs to meet the needs of their sales team and drive sales success.” says Sreedhar Peddineni, co-founder and CEO of GTM Buddy.

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