GTM Buddy Raises $8 Million Series A to Fix “Leaky” B2B Sales Funnels

AI-powered solution provides sales reps with prescriptive, actionable, in-the-moment guidance throughout the sales process, helping them close more deals, faster

RALEIGH, N.C., April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GTM Buddy, the company tackling B2B sales conversion challenges with AI, announces $8 million in Series A funding led by Archerman Capital and Leo Capital, with participation from Neon Fund and existing investor Stellaris Venture Partners.

Serial entrepreneur Sreedhar Peddineni founded GTM Buddy to fill a void in the sales enablement market that he noticed while co-founding the leading customer success and financial success companies, Gainsight and Planful, respectively.

“B2B companies spend heavily on enablement platforms, yet their adoption and role in improving sales rep effectiveness remains a frustrating mirage,” said Peddineni. “The legacy enablement platforms and content management systems built for marketing teams, and learning management systems built for the learning and development teams, miss the essence of the problems that sales leaders are trying to solve: improving sales rep effectiveness and enabling them to win more, and win consistently.”

Analyst firms have been predicting that AI would impact sales departments for years. Last year, Gartner said 75% of B2B sales organizations would enhance traditional sales playbooks with AI-guided solutions by 2025. Already, AI is being used to support sales processes such as lead generation, customer segmentation and scoring, and email automation. Meanwhile, AI has barely penetrated sales enablement, and GTM Buddy is the only native-AI solution to fully incorporate it into the enablement process.

GTM Buddy’s new Sales Success solution was purpose-built to combat the pervasive and costly issue of “leaky” sales funnels, in which conversion rates drop sharply between stages in the sales process, leading to lost revenue. The AI within Sales Success addresses the leaky funnel issue with capabilities including activation of sales plays in the context of a deal, equipping reps with pre-filled plays using persona-specific pain-points, likely objections, customer stories for name drops, etc. The AI also can generate playbook execution scores, enabling sales managers to pinpoint deal-specific next actions and facilitate targeted deal-coaching for sales success.

GTM Buddy’s AI-powered Sales Success solution complements the company’s foundational suite of content management, knowledge management, learning management and digital sales room solutions. Sales Success will be rolled out to existing and new customers throughout Q2, 2024.

“AI-powered enablement is the future for driving real business impact,” said Jonathan Kvarfordt, Head of GTM Revenue Enablement & Product Marketing at Simetrik and the founder of GTM AI Academy. “GTM Buddy exemplifies this perfectly – it’s the AI-driven platform that gives me the tools to truly empower my team for success. I love GTM Buddy’s focus on real-time, on-demand enablement that meets sales teams where they are. Their user-friendly approach for both enablers and sales teams is unmatched. They’re the go-to enablement platform for 2024 and beyond.”

“Sreedhar and his co-founders have a track record of solving large-scale B2B enterprise problems,” said Darshit Vora, Partner at Archerman Capital. “Their prior experience also gives them unique insights into challenges revenue teams are facing in terms of enablement. And recent advancements make it possible to solve those challenges with an AI-native approach.”

To learn more about GTM Buddy’s vision for B2B revenue success, see here.

About GTM Buddy

GTM Buddy’s revenue enablement solution provides compelling, relevant, and opportunity-specific information that reps can use to build customer trust and close more deals. GTM Buddy helps sellers share relevant and credible content that answers buyers' questions, prepares them for critical calls, and eliminates busy work.

Companies such as Lean Data, Kandji, Sayari Analytics, Bizzabo, Lob and others use GTM Buddy to drive revenue growth. GTM Buddy is a privately held company based in Durham, North Carolina, with offices worldwide. To learn more, visit

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