GTM Buddy + Gong: Deliver curated insights from sales calls to your reps

Boost rep performance with peer to peer learning using Gong recordings and clips.

About GTM Buddy

With GTM Buddy, sellers can share relevant and credible content that answers buyers' pressing questions, helps them prepare for key calls, or eliminates busy work. Reps can provide engaging buyer experiences with just-in-time enablement built into their workflow.

About the Integration

With our Gong integration, you can include Gong clips and recordings in your training courses. Also, you can recommend Gong content to reps during the sales process or use it in your sales enablement playbooks.

Key Benefits

  1. Improve rep knowledge. Reps can use Gong clips to demonstrate specific uses, respond to buyer objections, and stand out from the competition. 
  2. Consistently drive rep behaviors. Gong calls provide peer-based insights that make learning more memorable. Reps can sharpen their messaging by integrating Gong content into talk tracks and playbooks.

How to Connect

You can connect your Gong call recordings to GTM Buddy in four simple steps:

  1. Authenticate Gong
  2. Sync Gong calls, call participants, and call transcripts to GTM Buddy
  3. Link GTM Buddy meetings with Gong to fetch calls and transcripts 
  4. Perform data analysis on call transcripts


api:calls:read:basic api:calls:read:transcript api:workspaces:read api:users:read api:calls:read:extensive api:library:read

Data Sync

  1. Calls
  2. Call participants
  3. Call transcripts
  4. Call recordings


  1. Navigate to User profile -> Settings -> Integrations
  2. Click Gong under Conversational Intelligence

Authenticate Gong 

Sync Gong Recordings