GTM Buddy + Salesloft:
Increase Engagement
with Compelling Content

Install Salesloft integration

Search for Content

With our native Salesloft integration, reps can easily discover and add content from GTM Buddy into Salesloft cadences and emails.

Receive Useful Notifications

Sellers can gain instant insights of prospect engagement activity including email opens and content engagement. They can then finetune prospect outreach based on content engagement analytics.

Instructions for integrating with Salesloft

To access GTM Buddy on Salesloft, users need to follow these steps:

  1. Users must install the Chrome Extension to access GTM Buddy content in Salesloft.
  2. After installing the extension, users will notice a ā€˜Gā€™ icon on the compose window while building a cadence.
  3. By clicking on the ‘G’ icon, users will open a GTM Buddy panel with all the content from GTM Buddy.
  4. Users can then search and discover content they wish to share with their prospects.
  5. A user clicking on the ‘+Add’ button on any content will add that content to the specific email step of the cadence.