Seismic vs GTM Buddy

Put your time to better use than setting up DocCenters. Instead of doing a feature comparison matrix that doesn’t tell you much, this page shares things you should know about Seismic and how GTM Buddy is different.

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What you should know about Seismic

Organize all your content in Seismic’s static content library as team sites. Managing these sites and folders will eat your time.
Spend ages figuring out the correct tagging structure. Tag each piece of content manually as you mark the content properties.
Build DocCenters that are basic drag-and-drop web pages so that sellers can find things. They do look pretty, but sellers rarely use them.

All this work, and still no adoption

Sellers don’t want to keep another browser tab open just to search for content. In most cases, they don’t even know what to search for.

Seismic will ask you to launch adoption initiatives but why should adoption be just your responsibility?

Up for a call?

We will tell you what Seismic won’t. No pitch slapping.

Here to answer your questions about Seismic and Seismic alternatives.

GTM Buddy is built for adoption and automation

No more manual tagging

GTM Buddy understands your business language and auto-indexes your content.

No more searching

GTM Buddy reads emails, deciphers persona, maps CRM fields – and recommends content contextually.

No more context switching

GTM Buddy recommends content in emails, CRM, LinkedIn, and Slack – everywhere they go.

No lock-in contracts

Seismic pricing locks you in with multi-year contracts before you’ve seen any value, and creates a false sense of urgency with quarter-end discounts.

At GTM Buddy, we put your best interests first and offer innovative contracts, payments, and pricing terms that mean we only win when you win.

Rapid time to value

Seismic takes months to implement – you set up Team Sites, Content Properties, DocCenters, and more. 

GTM Buddy is the perfect Seismic alternative that goes live in 10 days – just set up your business vocabulary, and it auto-indexes and auto-recommends content in your sellers’ flow of work.

Seismic Comparison with GTM Buddy


GTM Buddy

Content Formats



GTM Buddy

Documents, FAQs, G2 Reviews, Competitive Intel, Persona Cards, Customer dashboard for name drops

Recommendation Configuration


Manual 'If-Then-Else' rules

GTM Buddy

AI Powered (90% less effort) using Business Vocabulary and CRM fields



Basic Search

GTM Buddy

Contextual search that allows you to access opportunity-relevant content (and not having to find your way through an information dump)

Meeting Prep



GTM Buddy

Content recommendations, Customer Evidence, Battlecards, Training Lessons, Playbooks – accessible within the calendar

Digital Sales Rooms


Basic microsite

GTM Buddy

Content Recommendations, Customer Evidence, Meeting Notes, Collaboration with the Buying Teams, Live Chat with Slack integration

GTM Buddy is the Seismic alternative you need – find out more on a call

GTM Buddy saying Hello