You risk losing your buyers if you keep them waiting too long

What keeps your reps up at night

Have you ever wondered why your time to revenue keeps increasing? Keeping deals on track requires your reps to become project managers. In order to respond to buyers' questions promptly, reps need to work closely with internal stakeholders across different departments.

How to waste your rep’s time and energy

Reps spend only 24% of their time on core, customer-facing activities. No rep wants to search through your content repository or ping colleagues on Slack to find the right answer. How do you address this critical issue that directly impacts rep productivity and your bottom line?

Drive better buyer engagement and revenue growth with generative AI-powered guided selling 

Ensure consistent sales execution with AI-guided playbooks

By 2025, 75% of B2B sales organizations will augment traditional sales playbooks with AI-guided selling. Ask Buddy's generative AI-powered guided selling replaces static playbooks with just-in-time enablement based on the opportunity context, buyer engagement, and relevant sales content.

Share the most relevant customer evidence
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Unblock stalled deals with real-time guidance 

72% of new opportunities stall during the middle or late stages of the pipeline. Ask Buddy can help you revive a dormant opportunity by analyzing the deal context and recommending appropriate actions. It can even help your reps draft follow-up emails or make suggestions on which content to share with prospects.

Don't let tribal knowledge slip through the cracks

Your tribal knowledge is scattered across Slack channels, email threads, and call recording transcripts. Ask Buddy converts tribal knowledge into frequently asked questions (FAQs) that reps can use to respond to customers more quickly. 

Share the most relevant customer evidence
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Deliver everboarding with automated coaching notes

After reps are onboarded, what is the best way to reinforce their understanding of sales processes and best practices? With automated coaching notes, enablers can provide contextual guidance to reps whenever they need it.  

Less complexity.
More enablement.
One platform.

Stop using point tools that don't work well together and offer limited functionality for an exorbitant price. Consolidate your enablement tech stack with GTM Buddy.

Understand how buyers engage with your content