Build a High-Performing Sales Team with AI

Build a successful sales team. Empower them to win more with GTM Buddy’s AI-powered guidance at every step of the way.

GTM Buddy
GTM Buddy
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Is your team’s performance affected by a leaky sales funnel?

20% of reps drive 80% of revenue but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s why you have a problem. If you’re not converting disco to demo at 70% or more, you might have a leaky sales funnel in the initial stages which is often the case.

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Investment going in vain?
You are investing many resources in content libraries, LMS courses, and instructor-led training. But these do little to improve sales effectiveness.

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Processes nobody follows?
You have the perfect sales process in your mind and also on paper that could secure sales success. But reps don’t adopt it or have the know-how to use it.

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Playbooks collecting dust?
You have engaged the world’s best consultants to create beasts like 100-page sales playbooks. But they are just sitting there in the content library.

Your path to building a successful sales team

Equip the rest of your sales team to perform like your top sellers. Give them in-workflow access to the information and guidance they need to close more deals, faster.

Dynamic Sales Plays

Unleash the power of your sales playbooks

Make it easier for your sales team to implement the right sales plays when working on an opportunity.

Play Activation

Surface the most relevant sales play based on the context of the opportunity as prescriptive guidance for your reps.

  • Relevant sales plays delivered in your rep’s workflow – inbox, calendar, and CRM – in the context of a deal

  • Recommend next best action, content, pre-reads, and more to guide your reps

Play Templates

Choose from a curated collection of sales play templates to build the right sales plays for different sales stages, personas and deal contexts

  • A constantly updated template library to support different types of sales plays such as pipeline plays, discovery call framework, etc.

  • Sales teams can also configure their own sales plays, and map it to the CRM stage and fields

Play Scoring

Coach reps on how to leverage sales plays better with AI-generated execution scores and best practices.

  • GTM Buddy’s AI can analyze rep calls and score them against your chosen sales methodology

  • Identify areas where reps excel or need help and use the insights to improve sales process execution


Ask Buddy

Your very own AI-powered sales assistant

From drafting high-impact follow-up emails to guidance on the right approach for a sales conversation, Ask Buddy uses Gen AI to provide contextual guidance at every step.

Instant Answers

All the information reps need to engage and influence prospects, now at their fingertips.

  • Ask questions in plain English and get instant summarized answers, along with source links

  • Use Prompt Studio to configure context-specific prompts, which help generate tailored responses and summaries

Guided Selling

Empower your reps with personalized sales guidance for every selling scenario.

  • Ask Buddy is trained on your content and sales methodology to generate faster and more relevant responses

  • Whether it’s pitching to a specific buyer persona or winning against a competitor, Ask Buddy guides sellers on the best actions to take

Email Assist

Help your reps save time and ensure clear communication with AI-crafted responses.

  • Ask Buddy helps sales reps respond to buyer queries and draft email follow-ups

  • Reps don’t have to start from scratch but can add their personal touch to every response


Meeting Prep

Ace every sales call

Help your reps prepare for sales calls with what they need to know, ask and share – in minutes, not hours.


Elevate buyer engagement and close more deals by using social proof effectively.

  • Automatically deliver relevant social proof to your reps' calendar (and inbox) for the opportunity being pursued

  • Helps reps leverage customer names, product reviews, talk tracks, success stories, and more as part of the sales process.

Competitive Intelligence

Empower your reps with the information they need to get an edge over the competition.

  • Surface bite-sized battlecards and other competitive content in your rep's calendar, email and CRM

  • Deliver only the right competitive information based on the opportunity context from your CRM

Persona Insights

Help your reps understand the persona of the buyer and deliver a personalized buying experience.

  • Provide buyer persona information, such as their goals, pain points and priorities, in your rep’s calendar to help them plan their strategy

  • Enable reps with relevant content recommendations and other information based on the buyer persona and deal context