The Secret Sauce Framework to Create World Class Sales Managers

It’s an age-old issue facing sales organizations. Managers’ roles are filled by promoting top-performing reps with almost no management skills or training. And most enablement is almost exclusively focused on sellers, not leadership. Yet every enabler knows front-line sales managers are the secret sauce to successful enablement programs.

What if there was a science-backed way to create world-class managers using a simple framework?

Enter Todd Caponi’s latest book: The Transparent Sales Leader


Todd Caponi

Todd Caponi

Founder - Sales Melon | 7x Sales Leader | Transparency Nerd | Author

Belal Batrawy

Belal Batrawy

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What's in it for you?

Sales Enablers agree that frontline managers are their greatest asset to the success of their programs but lack a clear action plan about how to enable them.

How can sales leaders and enablers provide structure, process, or training for managers?

In this webinar, Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, will explain the science of transparency and psychology of inspiration in a simple to understand and framework that you can implement right away.

Todd calls it the 5 F’s Framework

  • Focus – Make sure your team is working on the right opportunities at the right time.
  • Field – Arm you reps with the right experience, the right tools, and the right resources.
  • Fundamentals – Once you build that field organization to support the focus, ensure that field is doing the fundamentals right – like prospecting, messaging, positioning, presenting, negotiating, handoff strategy, and communications.
  • Forecast – The next is predicting the future. And it’s not just the forecast, it’s also the metrics, and the KPIs.
  • Fun – The cheesiest, but maybe the most important. How do you create an environment where your team wants to show up every day, wants to stay, and wants to do their best?

Todd claims that if you memorize and internalize these, you will be better than the majority of sales leaders.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the research backing the 5 F’s and how to implement them immediately.