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Content Adoption

Are your sellers still using outdated content they saved to their hard drive ages ago?

You’ve finally built an exhaustive sales library. But your sellers hate going on ‘search and discovery missions’ for finding content in your sales portal. 

You can ensure the adoption of your latest sales content with GTM Buddy. Reps can access the most relevant content in their flow of work, across email, calendar, and CRM.
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Content Recommendations

Can you surface the most relevant content for an opportunity?

Content may be king but context is the queen. The biggest challenge with a static sales library is that your reps struggle to find useful content to share with their prospects.

What if you could predict which content your buyers want across different sales stages? Sellers can access and share the most relevant content with buyers by tapping into GTM Buddy’s contextual AI.

content administration

Are you spending all your time building folders, tags, and rules?

What if you no longer had to worry about:

  • Managing folders and folder hierarchies
  • Building tags and tag taxonomies
  • Configuring rules for content recommendations

Stop drowning in content management. Save time and effort by automatically processing and indexing all your content with GTM Buddy’s business vocabulary.


Hidden content

Can you unlock the power of hidden content across your organization?

Most of the content produced by your organization is invisible. Your sales team rarely gets to see and use this content.

This content can include:

  • Content created for your website, press mentions, and major announcements
  • Content in your knowledge base or sales FAQs
  • Content created by your field teams

Surface hidden content across your entire company. Let your reps tap into this content and personalize it for their customers.



Are you a valued partner to your sales teams?

Instead of building boring sales plays, share video coaching notes that offer clear guidance on how to use a piece of content. Reps can access these coaching notes as and when they need them.

Learn how your content gets used in the field. And, make it easy to get feedback on existing content or manage new content requests from your reps.


Share the most relevant content for every deal you pursue. Impress customers with your background research. Crush your competition with compelling differentiators.

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Sales Enablement

Help sellers access your best content so they can close deals faster. Stop wasting time organizing and tagging your documents. Never build rules again to surface your most relevant content.

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