Stop answering the same questions again and again

Some questions just keep coming up - you’ve heard them a million times now. You can use GTM Buddy to create and deliver FAQs that provide your reps with the latest knowledge.

Build FAQs without human intervention 🏗️

Every time you answer a question via email, CRM, Gong, or Slack, GTM Buddy converts it into a FAQ for reps to use.

Let GTM Buddy work its magic 🌟

GTM Buddy will auto-tag FAQs and populate them in your battlecards, persona insights, product sheets, and more.

Deliver just-in-time knowledge contextually 🧑🏫

Your reps won't have to ping their colleagues again for answers – relevant FAQs will appear in their email, calendar, CRM, and LinkedIn.

Your products are constantly changing. How do you ensure your reps have the latest knowledge?

Using GTM Buddy, you can keep your sellers informed about the latest product capabilities, value props, differentiators, and FAQs.

Turn product knowledge wikis into dynamic product cards

Deep product knowledge is critical for sales success. During buyer interactions, not knowing an answer to a crucial question can be a deal breaker. And sharing stale information from outdated Confluence spaces or Notion pages can backfire.

Build dynamic product cards on GTM Buddy with essential information such as use cases, competitive analysis, pricing, demos, training sessions, and roadmaps.

  • Provide a single source of truth for product, marketing, and sales teams
  • Surface only the latest assets and FAQs
  • Deliver product knowledge in your reps’ workflow
Share the most relevant customer evidence
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Offer expert-verified information to your frontline sellers

Subject matter experts can verify product knowledge by using GTM Buddy's content auditing feature. Reps will no longer be confused about the latest pricing or if the roadmap has been updated by the product manager.

Transform your product training into just-in-time learning

Most reps don’t retain information from one-and-done product training sessions. However, this information must be readily accessible to reps when speaking to potential customers.

GTM Buddy helps reps learn just-in-time by delivering FAQs, playbooks, competitive battlecards, persona cards, product cards, and more in the flow of work. Reps won’t have to keep asking you and you won’t have to keep chasing them. Win-win!

Share the most relevant customer evidence

There is more to preparing for sales calls

Product knowledge is just one piece of the puzzle. Your reps need a variety of information when they are about to get on a sales call. GTM Buddy can deliver customer references, sales playbooks, battlecards, persona intel, and training courses – in the context of the opportunity they are pursuing.