Using social proof wrong can kill your deals

You might lose buyers' trust with your logo wall

Every sales deck has a slide with the top customers and their testimonials. Do your reps customize case studies, testimonials, and customer endorsements for their sales calls? If not, they’re playing with fire – irrelevant social proof makes buyers lose trust.

Reps are tired of searching for social proof

While an average rep might walk into every sales call with the same set of customer references, your top-performing reps will spend time asking and searching for relevant customers. This can consume a lot of their time and energy.
Learn more about social proof

Accelerate your sales cycles with the full power of social proof

Equip your reps with the right social proof every time

Deliver relevant customer names, product reviews, talk tracks, and success stories based on the opportunity context (such as products, industry vertical, segment, competition, and geography) to your rep’s calendar and inbox.

Share the most relevant customer evidence

The only platform that unlocks social proof's full potential

Social proof is not just customer testimonials or case studies your marketing team prepared. It’s also the list of referenceable customers and all your product reviews. Go To Market Buddy is the only platform that can recommend social proof just in time without your reps having to search for it.

Get results without the effort

Integrate GTM Buddy with your CRM, customer success tool, and G2 reviews 

Let the platform auto-index all the information

Sit back as GTM Buddy recommends social proof in your rep’s calendar and inbox

Is it too soon? Get the template instead.

If it’s too soon for you to look into buying a comprehensive enablement solution like GTM Buddy right now, we suggest using this free template to manage your customer references.

Give your reps the competitive insights they need when they need it

There is more to preparing for sales calls

Social proof is just one piece of the puzzle but your reps need a variety of information when they are about to get on a sales call. GTM Buddy can deliver customer references, sales playbooks, battlecards, solution briefs, FAQs, persona intel, and training courses – in the context of the opportunity they are pursuing.