Don’t turn competitive knowledge into a maze for reps to navigate

90% of organizations believe their industry has become more competitive in the last three years. If your reps don’t have easy access to the latest competitive information, you’re setting them up for failure.

Lengthy docs can overwhelm your sellers

A detailed battlecard is well-intentioned, but it makes it difficult for reps to address specific competitive objections.

Timing is crucial

Competitive insights are only useful if reps can access them. There's nothing worse than not finding a battlecard when you need it.

Keep it fresh and relevant

The competitive landscape can change rapidly. Outdated battecards can do more harm than good when used in a deal.

Create battlecards that your sellers will actually use

Detailed documents, courses, and decks make it difficult for sellers to find information about competitors.

Build and share concise battlecards where your reps can easily find talking points, landmines to lay, key strengths, and weaknesses to use against competitors.

Share the most relevant customer evidence

Deliver insights in your seller’s workflow

Your reps are overwhelmed with information and tools. GTM Buddy isn’t another tab in their browser – it shows up in your rep’s inbox, calendar, CRM, LinkedIn, sales engagement, and messaging apps. Reps can discover competitive content in any tool of their choice.

Set the context for competitive enablement

The truth is that reps aren't always aware of the competitive intel you have curated. What if sellers could access competitive insights just before a crucial sales call? GTM Buddy analyzes opportunity context from your CRM and provides the right competitive information to help your reps succeed.

Give your reps the competitive insights they need when they need it
Share the most relevant customer evidence

Back it up with social proof

Buyers might discount what your reps say about a competitor. However, they are more likely to believe a customer who has made a similar switch. GTM Buddy delivers relevant customer references and online reviews to help your reps back their claims.

There is more to preparing for sales calls

Competitive knowledge is just one piece of the puzzle. Your reps need a variety of information when they are about to get on a sales call. GTM Buddy can deliver customer references, sales playbooks, solution briefs, FAQs, persona intel, and training courses – in the context of the opportunity they are pursuing.